Inspection & Certification

It is vital to ensure that your staff are safe and your lifting equipment is in good safe working order and legally compliant.  At PDL we offer the complete testing, inspection and certification package for our clients for all your lifting equipment and lifting accessories, from mobile cranes to chains and slings.

Our inspection packages include:

  • Testing, certification and inspection of all lifting equipment and accessories

  • Compiling a lifting equipment register, which includes schedules and requirements for further regulatory requirements

  • In-house or on site testing

We strive to prolong the lifetime of your lifting equipment & accessories and minimise the inconvenience and costliness of downtime.  Our engineers are experienced and qualified to carry out the statutory lifting equipment examinations of all types of lifting gear and provide the mandatory test certification.

Our team can help create and deliver written schemes of examinations to develop a lifting gear inspection programme by assessing risk and introducing extended inspection intervals.

We provide professional, helpful advice on any technical or legislative requirements for lifting equipment testing to ensure you are always compliant with the ever changing legislation in the industry.