Forklift Inspections

Thorough examination is required by law, and must take place at regular intervals.  The LOLER regulations 1998 require in addition to daily pre-use checks, visual and functional testing of all load bearing structures e.g. the mast and lifting components.

Forklifts are also subject to the PUWER regulations which cover the truck itself.  Under ‘PUWER’ regulations and the Health and Safety at work act, every employer has a legal duty to check work place machinery regularly and make sure it’s safe.

The forklift thorough examination, protects your interests and ensures the safety and ongoing service of your work equipment.

PUWER requires that all examinations are carried out by a competent person.

PDL can offer:

  • Comprehensive testing and certification to meet LOLER and PUWER requirements

  • Documentation to support the thorough examination, with any major, intermediate and minor faults clearly listed

  • Professional service at all times